God Save My Marriage: How Faith Can Help Heal Your Relationship

You might be seeking God’s help in saving your marriage because you value your marriage immensely, or you feel that there is nothing more you can do except to rely on God’s mercy upon your relationship.

In either cases you can rely on your faith to save your marriage.

As a relationship coach who carries God in my professional and marital life, I would like to tell you 3 steps you can take to become closer to God and better understand your relationship.

1. Pray specifically

The most common mistake made by those who pray is that their prayer contains vague, sometimes limiting words. You will not be able to succeed in your marriage if you are praying for world peace and a better economy.

Take out the time to write down the things you want to ask of God and fill those pages until you can’t think of anything else to write.

Narrow down this list to 5 things you want in life, and ask God of these things specifically each time you pray. Ask with detail, envisioning the delight and relief you would have once you attain your desires, and ask with the assurance that God will grant you your wishes.

2. Commit with excellence

Your marriage is a commitment that you make to yourself. Just like you will not pray to God while your clothes and hair are a mess, and you have not had a bath, dress to impress for your marriage. Present yourself, body, mind and soul with excellence to your partner.

Once you consider each smile and kind word exchanged as a service to please God, your husband’s reaction or even lack of response will not matter to you.

3. Bring action with each decision

God only helps those who help themselves and who seek His help. You already know what has not worked for you in the past and you may even carry a list of grievances with you.

Think instead of the lessons you have learnt from your marriage to date and decide how you will do things differently from now. Bring action with each prayer and resolve, and not only will you feel productive in your marriage, you will also know you are on the right track.

Not an expert in understanding your husband?

Then you’re going to have to become one. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but it can’t be done over night. That’s why nobody talks about this when you are getting married.

Because most people want you to believe that a great marriage is a turn-key overnight solution.

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To your perfectly successful and happy marriage.

Fatima Khan

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